Nasal Breathing Home Program BY Lois Laynee Restorative Breathing.  Exhale is when the brain gets the good stuff Oxycontin,  dopamine and oxygen.  Longer exhale is better for the brain!  Steps 2-4 is what integrates the deeper breathing system is the CNS. 

  1. “LOIS” breathing (for 3-5 minutes)
    1. Lips Together
    2. “O” shaped mouth, tongue up on the roof of your mouth, teeth apart
    3. Inhale and exhale through the nose
    4. Silent breathing (block ears) Earplugs are best.
    5. Keep eyes parallel to the floor on all steps
    6. If you clench, grind tmj ask me about how to use a straw
    7. Think in 3 out for 6 – silent breathing helps with this
    8. If you feel like your tongue does not feel right on top of your mouth ask me about what to do, because your palate could be facilitated.
  2. Bobble/Toes Up-Chin up
    1. Inhale, lift toes up then tip head back
    2. Exhale point toes down, tip head back down to starting position
    3. Repeat 3 times
  3. Pelvic Rock
    1. Inhale, arch your back
    2. Exhale, pull belly button to spine
    3. Repeat 3 times Hum after each exhale and swallow
  1. Cross Connect
    1. Inhale, hand on head
    2. Exhale, opposite hand to opposite knee
    3. Return to starting position
    4. Repeat 3 times on each side Hum after each exhale and swallow

*** Can be done in all positions including lying on back, sitting, standing, on all fours (and others) Do what is comfortable to you to start and then try a new position.

When you are ready hum and swallow after each exhale.

When eyes are parallel to the floor pick a color you want to breathe in while breathing. Some colors are easier then others.

Hyoid issue when your eyes are wondering around. Ask me how to fix.

Are you ready for The nodd?

Dr Lissa Rankin one of the best google talks, eyes closed, exhale think safe or peace 10 min like and hour of meditation

Weighing down the diaphragm gives the brain information on how to move the diaphragm and also give you comfort. Order here. 




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