The Foot

We have thousands of movement receptors on the bottom of our feet. it’s time to take off your shoes . This way, your foot can feel where you are in space and send up cues accordingly. The better quality of foot movement, the better the cues the rest of the body will receive.


At each spot above 33% of your weight should be distributed in a standing position, that information tells your brain where to activate muscles. If you are doing squats and your weight is in the forefoot you brain is not activating your back posterior chain. Credit Strongfirst. 




Above is the proper walking pattern to have your muscles above work accordingly to the phase of the gait. Credit Gary Ward Anatomy in Motion.

Per Dr. Spina orthotics, shoes with too much cushion and support is like a back splint and actually weakens the foot. Amazing foot exercises here from Dr Spina.

Flip Flops are also a bad movement pattern maker! Toe flexors are over working, the CNS turns off the back chain esp the neck extensors.   Video coming soon~!


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