The Threat Bucket, CNS & so much more

Dr Cobbs Video on the Threat Bucket

The Central Nervous is always trying to protect you, it is always looking for threats, its job is to keep you safe but most times it works against us.

  • Hierarchy of the CNS per DR Cobb
    • Eyes
    • Vestibular
    • Joint Range of Motion  Giving the CNS information of the joint
  • The below are my two which I place on top of list!
    • Scars – which is an unresolved threat unless corrected
    • Breathing

Clearing up on how the brain maps any of the above improves strength and flexibility.

Clients come in with limited range of motion and most times just a pencil push up, eye circles, vestibular works improves flexibility which also works on strength.



The Dolphin Neurostim works magic on the CNS by resolving how the CNS responds to scars.   Watch  Video on scar work with the dolphin




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